Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cnut son of Cnut did meet Judy d'Arc and fell to her blade

 The forces of Cnut son of Cnut meet the Norman Lady Judy d'Arc near a small farmsted.

 Norman peasants with bow advance upon the Danish levy and rain arrows into the tree cover.

 Norman Knights and Sergeants advance toward the treeline.

  Cnut remains in the shelter of a stone outcropping with his best warriors.

 Neither side dares advance for fear of giving the enemy an advantage.

 Elsewhere Danish Levy trade shots with Norman peasants with bow and Norman Sergeants with crossbow.  Soon mounted Sergeants advance upon the Danes.

 The Danish Levy defeat the horsemen, but with draw under the combined advance of the Normans.

 Judy d'Arc concentrates her advance on Cnut's position.

 Danish warriors come under fire from Norman crossbowmen and archers.  They attack and drive the Norman peasants back, but fail to rout the crossbowmen.

 The remaining warriors are left fatigued and unprotected and soon fall as the missile barrage resumes.

 Norman Knights rush through the forest and clash with Danish Hearthguard in a fierce fray that leaves them all dead amongst the trees..

 Judy d'Arc leads her remaining mounted Sergeants against Cnut and his Hearthguard.

The Danes fall to the Norman charge leaving Cnut alone to face the Norman Lady.  He hefts his Dane axe but is brought down by a powerful blow. 

Rage of the Jomsvikings

 The host from Jomsborg gathers to face an upstart Norman Duke. The Warlord works up his men into a frenzy to prepare for battle.

 They meet on the field near the great lodge.  Knights hold their mounts in check awaiting the horn that sounds the charge.

 Warriors rush out to meet the onrushing Knights with flurry of steel and blood.

 The Knights fair well, but fate turns against them as the Jomsvikings fury is unleashed.

 The Warlord orders an advance upon the Norman position.

 Veteran soldiers crash into the ranks of crossbowmen and spearmen, rending havoc.

 The Mounted Knights move to intervene.

The Warlord himself slams into the horsemen and brings down the Duke with a well placed blow.  The Normans flee in disarray and leave the field of dead to the victorious Jomsvikings.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

And low, the last of Sven's Hirdmen fall, yet he fights on and slays the Duke....

 The Norman host gathers to repel Sven Greybeard and his raiders.

 The Duke stands ready amongst his Knights.

 Viking Bondi throw themselves at the Norman Sergeants before ever a volley is fired.  The rush cost them as the tired warriors were repelled by the Sergeants and shot before they could recover.
 Mounted Knights speed down the field of battle crashing into the naked, unarmored Berserkers.  Axe and sword flash as men and horse spill their blood in the dirt.  A lone Berserker is left standing in the carnage.

The Berserker gnashes his teeth and rushes on towards the Norman warriors.  Tearing his hair and tugging his beard he prepares to charge.  A slew of crossbow bolts pierce him a fore he bloodies his axe anew.

Sven leads his Hirdmen towards the waiting Sergeants, the Norman Duke remains protected by foot Knights.  A desperate struggle ensues as the Sergeants repel the Hirdmen, yet the determined Vikings do not relent.  Though they fall nearly to a man, they kill the Norman warriors and clear the path for Sven to confront the Duke.

Sven advances on the Duke, heedless of the Knights that protect him and of the bolts that slay one of his few remaining Hirdmen.

The Norman Knights slay the last of Sven's men leaving him alone to face a diminished yet powerful force.  He grips his sword and repels a charge by the Norman Duke.  Sven flings himself past the Knights and brings his sword down on the Duke.  In a hail of blows he slays his adversary and claims victory over the bloody field.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the Danelagen Cnut, son of Cnut gathers his forces

Cnut, son of Cnut, with a few of his Huscarls as he prepairs to lead his Anglo-Danish force.

Huscarls wielding Danish axes answer the Warlord's call.

Shields are slung over their back to free both hands for the hefty weapon.

Viking Hirdmen prepair to face the Danes.

Shields are emblazed with the cross by those who have converted.

Highlighting a few more figures for Saga painted and near ready for battle- more Viking Hirdmen and the beginings of an Anglo-Danish warband.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the Vikings of Sven met the Normans at the crossing where he met his undoing

The armies array on opposite sides of the river, slim bridges span between them.

The Normand host defends one briges with mounted Knights sent to cross the other.

The Knights crush into the host defending the bridge.  Sven with Bondi and Berserker is caught off guard by the Norman ferocity.

The Berserkers fall under the hooves and spears.

Viking Bondi brave the Norman volley to cross the bridge.

Sven leads his Bondi into the remaing Knights and a fierce battle ensues.  The Knights are killed, but with a heavy toll.

Bondi and Hirdmen are slowed by Norman volleys.

The Bondi, weakend, prove no match for the Norman Sergeants.

The Hirdmen alone face the Norman host.

Sven spurns his remaining Bondi onward toward the battle.

 The Hirdmen assault across the bridge, not waiting for Sven and his meager reinforcements.
 Sven alone makes it to the Norman host, he does not faulter but charges into the Norman crossbowmen.  Weaked from battle he proves no match for them and falls.  The Normans claim the crossing and remain there uncontested.

And in the spring Sven Greybeards emcampment was raided by Comte Perriuer

The scouts report the approach of the Norman invaders.  Sven Greybeard sends a call for his forces to muster.

The armies array on the field of battle.

Viking Bondi don their shields, the Berserkers nash their teeth.

Norman Sergeant load their crossbows and heft their spears.

  Comte Perriur assesses the battlefied and issues his orders.

His Knights and Sergeants menace the Viking flank.

Sven assesses the battle and bellows his orders.

Bondi charge the Foot Knights protecting Comte Perriuer while Sven leads another band into the Norman horse.

The Norman Knights protect their Lord, killing six men, but loosing two of their own.

On the other flank Sven Greybeard savagely leads his men into the Norman horse, killing man and beast till none remain.

 But the first part of battle has ensued and the armies have bloodied each other.

Norman Sergeants charge to avenge their fallen Knights.

Though they kill many they are repelled by the fury of Sven's band.

Viking Hirdmen crash into the Norman crossbowmen.

The Sergeants do not withstand the steel of the Hirdmen.

Sven leads his Bondi into the remaining Norman spear with heavy loses to both sides.  Comte Perriur and his remaining Knights face off with the Hirdmen.

Eric the Ambitious attemps to end this battle by killing the Comte.

His valient charge will be told of in the Sagas, and he will be burried with sword and shield on the spot where he fell.

Sven has but one Bondi and he relentlessly pursues the last of the Norman spearmen.

It leaves him alone to face the Sergeants volley and only the cover of a tree preserves his life.
Elsewhere on the field Viking Berserkers muster their frenzy and charge the Norman Comte.  The last of the Norman Knights thrusts his leader aside and takes the blow meant for him.  Enraged, the Comte sends the Berserkers to Valhalla.

Sven Greybeard, his countrymen dead and dying, lets out a cry and charges the Norman Sergeants.

 His frenzied attack leaves two dead and the rest fleeing the onslaught.

 Comte Perriuer charges the frenzied Viking and impales his foe on his spear.  Sven runs his blade through the Comte's mail and both fall awash in each other's blood.