Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cnut son of Cnut did meet Judy d'Arc and fell to her blade

 The forces of Cnut son of Cnut meet the Norman Lady Judy d'Arc near a small farmsted.

 Norman peasants with bow advance upon the Danish levy and rain arrows into the tree cover.

 Norman Knights and Sergeants advance toward the treeline.

  Cnut remains in the shelter of a stone outcropping with his best warriors.

 Neither side dares advance for fear of giving the enemy an advantage.

 Elsewhere Danish Levy trade shots with Norman peasants with bow and Norman Sergeants with crossbow.  Soon mounted Sergeants advance upon the Danes.

 The Danish Levy defeat the horsemen, but with draw under the combined advance of the Normans.

 Judy d'Arc concentrates her advance on Cnut's position.

 Danish warriors come under fire from Norman crossbowmen and archers.  They attack and drive the Norman peasants back, but fail to rout the crossbowmen.

 The remaining warriors are left fatigued and unprotected and soon fall as the missile barrage resumes.

 Norman Knights rush through the forest and clash with Danish Hearthguard in a fierce fray that leaves them all dead amongst the trees..

 Judy d'Arc leads her remaining mounted Sergeants against Cnut and his Hearthguard.

The Danes fall to the Norman charge leaving Cnut alone to face the Norman Lady.  He hefts his Dane axe but is brought down by a powerful blow. 

Rage of the Jomsvikings

 The host from Jomsborg gathers to face an upstart Norman Duke. The Warlord works up his men into a frenzy to prepare for battle.

 They meet on the field near the great lodge.  Knights hold their mounts in check awaiting the horn that sounds the charge.

 Warriors rush out to meet the onrushing Knights with flurry of steel and blood.

 The Knights fair well, but fate turns against them as the Jomsvikings fury is unleashed.

 The Warlord orders an advance upon the Norman position.

 Veteran soldiers crash into the ranks of crossbowmen and spearmen, rending havoc.

 The Mounted Knights move to intervene.

The Warlord himself slams into the horsemen and brings down the Duke with a well placed blow.  The Normans flee in disarray and leave the field of dead to the victorious Jomsvikings.