Saturday, July 21, 2012

And low, the last of Sven's Hirdmen fall, yet he fights on and slays the Duke....

 The Norman host gathers to repel Sven Greybeard and his raiders.

 The Duke stands ready amongst his Knights.

 Viking Bondi throw themselves at the Norman Sergeants before ever a volley is fired.  The rush cost them as the tired warriors were repelled by the Sergeants and shot before they could recover.
 Mounted Knights speed down the field of battle crashing into the naked, unarmored Berserkers.  Axe and sword flash as men and horse spill their blood in the dirt.  A lone Berserker is left standing in the carnage.

The Berserker gnashes his teeth and rushes on towards the Norman warriors.  Tearing his hair and tugging his beard he prepares to charge.  A slew of crossbow bolts pierce him a fore he bloodies his axe anew.

Sven leads his Hirdmen towards the waiting Sergeants, the Norman Duke remains protected by foot Knights.  A desperate struggle ensues as the Sergeants repel the Hirdmen, yet the determined Vikings do not relent.  Though they fall nearly to a man, they kill the Norman warriors and clear the path for Sven to confront the Duke.

Sven advances on the Duke, heedless of the Knights that protect him and of the bolts that slay one of his few remaining Hirdmen.

The Norman Knights slay the last of Sven's men leaving him alone to face a diminished yet powerful force.  He grips his sword and repels a charge by the Norman Duke.  Sven flings himself past the Knights and brings his sword down on the Duke.  In a hail of blows he slays his adversary and claims victory over the bloody field.