Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dyfed ap Caerdydd defends his realm from Norman raids

  Dyfed ap Caerdydd inspects his Teula and reassures the mass of Bonnedig arrayed in the woods.

 Elsewhere Teula and Priodaur advance toward the Norman invaders.

 Dyfed sets the Bonnedig to hold his flank and marshals the Teulu forward.

 The Normans send Sergeants armed with crossbows to the front of their advance.

 The Duke leads his Knights toward the weak Welsh flank.

 The Knights charge through a hail of arrows from the Bonnedig and smash into them.

 They drive the levy back into the woods, yet take significant losses to the proud Bonnedig.
 With the momentum of their charge, the Knights wheel about to attack the Welsh Warlord.

Dyfed ap Caerdydd was momentarily overwhelmed by the onslaught, but a faithful Teulu takes a blow meant for him and saves the Warlord's life.  With a fury born of desperation and rage, Dyfed drives off the Norman Knights.

 Meanwhile Welsh Teulu and Priodaur throw their javelins into the ranks of Norman Sargeants, killing many.

The Norman Duke spies Dyfed in the din of battle and the two Warlords engage in a fearful exchange of blows.  Another loyal Teulu steps into a blow meant for his King and prevents the Normans from ending his reign.  The two Warlords stagger back from the fray and the remaining Teulu rush forward to pierce the Norman Duke with well aimed javelins.  The Normans retreated at the death of their
Duke and Dyfed ap Caerdydd remained victorious on the field of battle.