Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dyfed of the Welsh slays the Norman invader Duke Perier.

Dyfed leads the Welsh in defense of their lands against Norman invaders lead by Duke Perier.  The Welsh were played by David and the Normans by Troy.

 Duke Perier surveys his array of battle from the bridge.  The bulk of his army on one side of the river awaits his command.

 Welsh Bonnedig take position in the hedges and await the Norman advance.

 The Welsh Priodaur stand to defend the archers.

 Meanwhile Dyfed and his Teula await on the other side of the river.

The Norman forces advance, mounted Knights in the lead.  The Duke rides with another group of Knights on the far side of the river.

 Sergeants and levy archers advance slowly towards the Welsh.

 Welsh Teula taunt the Norman Knights, drawing them into battle as they charge ahead of their duke.

The Knights are slain to a man, while the Welsh have two Teula killed.

 Dyfed leads his Hearthguard towards the Duke, javelins in the ready.  Meanwhile the Norman archer unit attempts to support their lord with a volley of arrows.  The Welsh take the arrows on their shields and continue their pursuit of the Duke.

 The javelins fly as Dyfed urges his troops on, they hit their mark and Duke Perier falls to the onslaught.

The battle is won as the remaining Normans retreat to grieve the death of their Duke.

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