Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hrothgar Headtaker attempts to take the head of Dyfed ap Caerdydd

Hrothgar Headtaker sets his men against the Welsh to take the head of Dyfed ap Caerdydd.  Hrothgar's Vikings were played by Rob and Dyfed's Welsh were played by David.  This battle was not played to resolution as the game shop closed and we had to end early.

 Hrothgar Headtaker directs his Viking raiders as they enter the lands of Dyfed ap Caerdydd.

 Dyfed stands among his Teula as they await the Viking raiders.

Welsh Levy and Warriors advance to meet the Vikings to gain better range for the archers.

The Viking vanguard stops just outside of bow range as they await the rest of their force.

 Meanwhile, Welsh Priodaur advance into a copse of trees along the flank.  From there they taunt the Viking Hearthguard accompanying Hrothgar.  The maddened Vikings rush into the trees where the waiting Welsh slay them.

 Hrothgar, left on his own retreats to join a group of Warriors while the remainder of his Hearthguard advance on the Welsh levy.

 The Welsh levy are thrown back, but Hrothgar is left with only two units of warriors to face the Welsh, who have all of their units intact.

 A series of clashes sees Hrothgar locked in battle with Dyfed and his Teula.  Nearby two Viking Warriors witness the danger and throw themselves in harms way.

Hrothgar joins up with his remaining unit of Warriors and leads them into a charge against Dyfed.  The Welsh Warlord is pushed back as the Teula take blows that were meant for him.  The battle ended with a distinct Welsh advantage, but either side had a chance to win.  Dyfed had 1 Teula, 4 Priodaur and 10 Bonnedig left while Hrothgar had just 6 Warriors.

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