Monday, September 30, 2013

Warlords show their Prowess at the Althingi on the Fields of Honor

 Hrothgar Headtaker eyes his rival, Cnut son of Cnut, across the field of battle.

 Elsewhere Huscarls savagely attack Viking Thralls.

 The rival Warlords charge and counter charge until Hrothgar manages to take yet another head.

 Sven Greybeard emerges from the woods to face Duke Perrier, the Norman upstart.

 His Bondi and Berserkers lead the way.

 The Norman Sergeants prove no match for the determined Vikings, leaving the way open for Sven to charge the ill fated Duke.

 Jomsvikings arrive on the field of battle.

 Dyfed ap Caerdydd, the Welsh leader stoically awaits their arrival.

The Jomsvikings march through the raining Javelins to strike Dyfed down.

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